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We returned to New York to deliver it.  And also to get the news that my film agent had sold my novel, The Status Civilization, to the movies, and I was to write the first draft of the script in London, in collaboration with the director.  It was fall when this happened.  My work was supposed to begin in the spring, in England.  In the meantime, however, Marvin Minsky of MIT had invited me to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to be his first Visiting Scholar.

Jay and I spent the winter months in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and in the spring we went to England.  Over a period of several days, the director acted out his idea of the movie, and I took copious notes.  I began work on the draft soon after.  In a month or two I had it finished, and gave it to the director.  He told me that he was pleased.  But the project never went beyond that.

I flew us down to Gibraltar.  There, Jay and I married.  We returned to Paris.  Not long after that, we broke up.  I sent Jay back to America, and continued trying to work in Paris.

I was very lonely.  Finally, I rejoined Jay in Portland, Oregon where she had gone.  We tried again to make our marriage work.  It didn't.  I went to Miami to do research on a new novel. I stayed away until Jay left.  We divorced not long after that.

I remained in Portland.  And I have been here ever since.  I met a wonderful woman at a party given by friends.  We began seeing a lot of each other, and several months later, we married.  My wife's name is Gail Dana.  She was and is a very talented journalist, and a highly gifted yoga student and instructor.  All this and she's beautiful, too!  We have separated and come back together several times.  It hasn't been easy for either of us, but it has been very rewarding for me.  I can't imagine life without her.

As I write this I am half way through my seventy-fifth year.  I continue writing, and I continue my difficulties with writing.  We are a team, my difficulties and I.
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Robert Sheckley's Autobiography

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