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Tales of Sheckley

"I'm fine, and like it or not, you're going to get a reward.  From this day forward, you shall be in perfect health, you shall never want for money, and you shall have a fabulous sex life."

The golfer assures him it's not necessary, but the leprechaun insists, and finally they part company.

A year later the golfer is playing the same hole on the same course, and hits his drive into the same stand of trees -- and sure enough, he runs into the leprechaun.

"Great!" enthuses the golfer.  "My lumbago disappeared completely and so did my arthritis.  I haven't had a sick day in a year.  And every time I put my hand in my pocket there's money!  I don't know how it gets there, but whenever I need it I have it."

"Good, good," says the leprechaun.  "And how about your sex life?"

"Never better," says the golfer.  "I get a new girl every two or three weeks."

The leprechaun frowns.  "Every two or three weeks?" he says.  "But I promised you a fabulous sex life."

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Mike Resnick Writing about Robert Sheckley

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