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Tales of Sheckley

Since there were no fellow passengers in the car to gawk at or stare back at me, I grabbed the wrinkled newspaper to see how it had evolved.

It was about forty pages long.  It now had color pictures.  It had mostly unreadable articles about things that I don't suppose even homeless people were interested in.  It had some advertising.  And it had a short story just inside the front cover by Robert Sheckley.

That can't be "the" Robert Sheckley, I thought.  Or they are reprinting old stories.  I read the story, and it was pretty good.  Must be an old story, I thought, and kept thumbing through the paper.

But there on the last page was a two sentence biography with an e-mail address.  There was no question.  It was THE Robert Sheckley, I thought, and he lives in Portland, Oregon.

That brings me to Sheckley, Era One.  That was when in the 1960s, as a teenager in Buffalo, New York, I read everything I could find in the books labelled "science fiction."  
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Ed Sumner Writing about Robert Sheckley

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