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         1999         Godshome is published. The dedication reads To Gail, my wife, my love, my destiny.

         2001         Bob travels through Europe with Roberto Quaglia.

         2002         Dimensions of Sheckley is published.

         2003         Uncanny Tales is published. The dedication reads: To my wife Gail---beloved friend,
                          irreplaceable companion, impeccable warrior. Bob and Gail attend a conference in Russia.
                          The pair stay on for weeks as he writes a requested story set in St. Petersburg.

         2005         Masque of Manana is published. Bob lives in Red Hook, New York. In May he attends a
                          conference in Ukraine where he becomes seriously ill. Hospitalized. Bob returns to New
                          York where he has heart surgery in July. Scheduled as a headliner for WorldCon in
                          Scotland, his wife Gail and stepdaughter Robin represent him there when he's too ill to
                          attend. In October he learns he has an anyeurism. In November he collapses in his doctor's
                          office and is hospitalized. December 9, Bob dies.



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Robert Sheckley's Chronology

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