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         1990          Collaborates with Harry Harrison on Bill, the Galactic Hero on
                           the Planet of Bottled Brains.  The novella Alien Starswarm is
                           published by Dime-Novels.  Minotaur Maze by Axolotl Press,
                           and Watchbird by Pulphouse Publishing.

         1991          Marries Gail Dana.  Pulphouse publishes The Collected Short
                           Stories of Robert Sheckley in five volumes and Xolotl
                           (novella).  Collaborates with Roger Zelazny on Bring me the
                           Head of Prince Charming, the first of the Millennial Contest

         1992          Freejack, the loosely-adapted film version of Immortality, Inc.
                           is released.

         1993          Collaborates with Zelazny on If at Faust You Don't Succeed,
                           second book in the Millennial Contest series.  Publishes The
                           Alternative Detective, first in a new mystery series.

         1995          Collaborates with Zelazny on A Farce to Be Reckoned With,
                           third book in the Millennial Contest series.

         1996          Publishes Draconian New York, second in the Draconian
                           mystery series.

         1997          Soma Blues, third in the Draconian series, is published.


---Source Gregroy Stephenson, Comic Inferno, The Satirical World of Robert Sheckley



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Robert Sheckley's Chronology

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