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        1959          Immortality Inc. (the unabridged, original version of Immortality Delivered) is published.

        1960          Notions Unlimited  (fourth collection), Store of Infinity (fifth collection),
                          and The Status Civilization, (second novel) are published.  Cruises the
                          Caribbean aboard a small auxiliary sailboat.

        1961           Dead Run, Calibre .50, and The Man in the Water (suspense novels)
                           are published. 

        1962           Live Gold (suspense novel), Shards of Space (collection), and Journey
                           Beyond Tomorrow (SF novel) are published.

        1963           White Death (suspense novel) is published.

        1965           The Game of X is published.  Birth of second child, Alissa.

        1966           The 10th Victim and Mindswap are published.  Writes scripts for
                           Behind the Green Door for Monitor Radio.

        1967           Time Limit is published.

        1968            Dimension of Miracles and The People Trap (collections) are

        1970            Divorces Ziva Kwitney

        1970            (through 1976)  Lives on Ibiza.

        1971            Can You Feel Anything When I Do This? (collection) is published.
                            Marries Abby Schulman.

        1973            The Robert Sheckley Omnibus is published.


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Robert Sheckley's Chronology

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