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        1928         Robert Sheckley is born on July 16 in New York City, to David Sheckley
                          (an insurance broker) and Rae Helen Feinberg (a school teacher).

        1931         The Sheckley family moves to Maplewood, New Jersey.

        1946          Sheckley graduates from Columbia High School.  Hitchikes to California.
                          Works as landscape gardener, pretzel salesman, night barman, milkman,
                          warehousman, and man-of-all labor in a hand-painted necktie factory. 
                          Enlists in the U.S. Army.

        1946         (through 1948)  Serves with U.S. Army occupation forces in Korea, as
                         38th Parallel guard, assistant newspaper editor, contracts and payroll clerk,
                         and guitarist in Army dance band.

        1948         Enrolls in New York University.

        1951         Graduates from NYU with B.A.  Works in aircraft factory as assistant
                         metallurgist.  Marries Barebara Scadron.

        1952         First professional sale of story, "Final Examination," in Imagination
                         (May, 1952).  Followed by sales to Astounding, Galaxy, The Magazine of
                         Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fantastic.

        1954         Untouched by Human Hands (first book and first collection) is published.
                         Birth of first child, Jason William.

        1955         Citizen in Space (second collection) is published.

        1956         Divorces Barbara Scadron.

        1957         Pilgrimmage to Earth (third collection) is published.  Marries Ziva Kwitney.

        1958         Immortality Delivered (first novel) is published.  Writes scripts for
                         Captain Video SF television series.

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Robert Sheckley's Chronology

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